AA Phone Meetings Are Listed By Day And Operate On Eastern Standard Time.

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Mute to listen or Unmute to share – Each conference call has different muting and unmuting functions  – Press  * 6 to unmute yourself.  When you are done sharing, you will hear “muted” or “unmuted” Always remember to mute when not sharing to preserve the clarity and serenity in all of the AA phone meetings.

AA meeting etiquette should be practiced in all conference call meetings for the good of the group and AA as a whole.

Each meeting has an individual format so come early, stay late, learn to listen, and listen to learn.

All AA phone meetings have a parking lot to ask questions and fellowship after each meeting. Please practice common sense when taking or giving out any personal information during or after any phone meeting.

Please note: These are conference call meetings, and you may need to check with your phone provider to see if there is are additional costs or restrictions that may apply to each meeting you attend

All AA phone meetings may not have an available moderator for all times listed. Generally 90 days of sobriety are required to serve as a meeting moderator (as per group conscious). In the event a moderator is not available for that meeting time, please feel free to begin meeting.

  • Open meeting by asking for volunteers to read AA Preamble. If there are no volunteers, please read the preamble.

  • Ask for a volunteer to read the 12 Steps or How It Works or 12 Traditions

  • Ask for a volunteer to keep time.

  • Generally phone meeting sharing is limited to 4 minutes thus giving all participants an opportunity to speak if desired.

AA Phone Meetings 7 Days A Week

Alone I Drink. Together WE Stay Sober!

Tradition 7 We are self supporting through our own contributions and the AA preamble states The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking and there are no dues or fees for membership AA itself does has operating cost so please donate what you can when you can by clicking on the basket to donate directly to AA and you will be linked to AA.OGR donation web page

The basket will be AA direct link to AA.ORG donation page



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